Sunday, 29 July 2012


Heads up, people who commute to work or like to enjoy audibles at home - wherever you are, this is to tell you has wonderful books in all genres and by good authors and talented narrators (my narrator is so talented, her animation and talent makes my characters come to life for you - enjoy and look around on when you visit.) The books are available globally and I want to welcome the Uk readers who are now taking an interest in my Maryvale series - thank you and happy reading. Also, for those of you who wish to read a series in order here's the order of the Maryvale series to date, the most recent having been put on Kindle this month: 1. The Devil in Maryvale; 2. The Nelson Scandal; 3. Recipe for trouble; 4. Mardi Gras Murder; .5. An Unpopular Corpse; 6. A Hysterical Site. The audios will be available by Dec. 15, 2012.

Also, on Saturday, August 11, I'll be a guest on Pam T's blog spot and also will guest there Dec. 1, 2012. Go to: < > esrt

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Hi, fellow readers and writers and cyber friends - this is to let you know that three (yes, 3) of the Maryvale series southern cozy mysteries will be available on by Dec. 15, just in time for Christmas presents and to start the holidays and new year with them for yourselves and pesents for friends. The three are: The Devil in Maryvale; Mardi Gras Murder, and The Nelson Scandal. The narrator is really talented and makes the characters come alive as you commute to work or enjoy them at home. To those who like to read a weries in order, the Maryvale series is now available (all six so far, on Kendle as e-books. The order of the series is: The Devil in Maryvale 2 The Nelson Scandal 3 Recipe for Trouble 4 Mardi Gras Murder 5 An Unpopular Corpse 6 A Hysterical Site. Please visit here if you have questions or want to comment and welcome - I love meeting new readers and writers and cyber friends :-)

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Welcome, UK readers!

Checking on my Kindle sales I've seen some the UK readers are now reading the Maryvale series of cozy mysteries. It was great to see they've bought the first (The Divil in Maryvale) and the second, (The Nelson Scandal) so I'm hoping my new readers are going to read the series and I've posted the order since some of us like to read them in order.

Also, threre are reviews on Amazon on most of them and thumbnails to give you previews. I have a couple of other cozy mystery series too which are also listed, so welcome UK, US and all readers and cozy lovers.

 I love meeting new people so do visit my blog too and leave a comment if you want more information or just to get acquainted. I'm on Facebook too and enjoy my page there.

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Maryvale Update

Maryvale cozy mysteries will soon be available as audio books! All who are reading this series, the oder is: 1. The Devil in Maryvale 2. The Nelson Scandal 3. Recipe for Trouble 4. Mardi Gras Murder 5. An Unpopular Corpse and 6. A Hysterical Site. For a list of all my works, reviews and a profile, go to; click on Books dept at the top left of the page; type in Jackie Griffey at right top and it will bring up a list of my work as well as reviews and other information.
Happy reading!

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TRULY TROLLY ADVENTURES is now up and available on Kindle for all of you children and grown-ups who enjoy magic, fun, romance, adventure, and humor. This closely follows the new Maryvale cozy mystery series  new novel, A HYSTERICAL SITE which is now up and live on Kindle also. Plus, MARDI GRAS MURDER is now available on Smashwords. So, happy reading and may 2012 be a great year for readers, writers, and yep, pubisheres as well.

Cyber hugs, break's over, gotta get on to my new Work in Progress - look for more here and on Amazon, Smashwords, and Kindle plus audios.



ACTUAL CORPSE VALUE has just been added to my list on Kindle ebooks. It is the third in my Chris and Duff Insurance Series. They are: 1. ONCE BURNED; 2 VARMINT and 3. ACTUAL CORPSE VALUE - so come look and enjoy and leave a comment if you have questions or just to get acquainted, I love meeting fellow readers and writers, come visit me on Facebook too!

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