Monday, 25 January 2010

It's been so long since I updated i'm expecting to see news I've 'quit smoking' LOL. Nope, I'm still among the living (probaby because I never have smoked - ha!). Anyway, I'm 'up to my ankles and in head first' and about 'blogged blind' even if I have neglected my own blog.

Think I told on here that Zumaya Publications has bought my Maryvale series for their new mystery imprint - Enigma. They have staked me to virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book and I'm burning the midnight oil answering interview questions and doing guest blogs. It's fun, but it takes up more time than you thought you had!

Enigma has changed the name of my little fictional town to Merrivale and is calling it the Cas Larkin series - he's my Sheriff Hero.

I've got the first of a new mystery series just out this month from Five Star, the name of it is Dead on Arrival and you will see a good write-up about it on International Thriller Writers January Webzine by Austin Camacho.

The virtual book tour goes on till January 29 so please come by and comment or ask any questions you want to - I love meeting new readers and writers. You can find it on your browser at:

I look forward to hearing from you.:-)

Break's over!

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