Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy 2011 Readers & Writers!

Here it is, a brand new year to make progress, make friends, and make do in some cases with the economy still in the - well, never mind - concentrate on the good stuff like a little poem that sticks in my mind:

As you travel on through life
Let it ever be your goal
To keep your eye upon the donut
and not upon the hole! :-)

Another bright spot is seeing something good to balance anything that's not so good. The thing I'm watching closely right now (besides the family health both physical and financial) is my ebook sales. I've priced them all no higher than $2.99 and crossed my fingers (didn't change my typing much - ha!) but my sales though not big enough to brag yet are at least going steadily up.

Also, I've got all my rights back except two hard covers which are still under contract, the rest are available on Kindle and live right now at great prices. Also, people seem to be reading the series since multiple sales are being reported.
The Maryvale series; The Maggie and Joe series; the Chris and Duff Insurance series; plus the stand alones and others on my Kindle list.

Also, I'm hoping to hear from fellow readers and writers on my blog so please if you come to visit, leave a comment (and welcome and thanks for coming :-)
There will be more Kindle novels and good prices too and soon - keep checking back and have a great 2011.(And do keep your eye on the donut!)
Break's over! :-)

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