Saturday, 4 July 2009


DEAD ON ARRIVAL , the first in my Maggie and Joe series is scheduled to come out in January of 2010. The cover will soon be up on my web site.

I've also put some things on Kimble and some scripts are included. If you're curious to see what a reading script looks like they're there. I'm hoping some agent or maybe even an actor looking for a vehicle will see them since options are available (long as I'm wishing I might as well go first class and I'd love for someone looking for a vehicle to look at my scripts and think it's 'just right' for him or her.

The in print books all have a page on my web site. Some of the ones on Kimble do too, but all of them are there on Kindle if you can't find them in print. One of the things on Kindle is LIGHTEN UP, which is a random selection of some of my early humor columns - funny to look at the ones with problems that we're STILL having!? It's strictly for entertainment, it will give you some laughs.

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