Tuesday, 21 July 2009

http://www.comicbooksuperheroes.net/ Go here to see pictures and read about Superman, Wonder Woman, and all the magical 'good guys and gals' you've read about from comics to movies. I've put an anthology on Kindle and my first story in it is Wonder Mom. A suburban housewife who wishes on a star for Wonder Woman's powers - and gets them! Jay at the above address let me use my favorite, Wonder Woman, on my cover for my book.

Another fellow writer and friend used the statue of Superman in her Metropolis series. If ever we needed the 'good guys' and heroes worthy of our affection and attention, it's now. I'm a life long fan of Wonder Woman and a born optimist so of course all my novels have a happy ending. I may make the going ruff and tuff, but the good guys win and peace is restored. I don't know who wrote it (if anyone knows where it came from, please let me know) but it's a good thing to inspire us right now and give us hope:

"As you travel on through life,

Let it always be your goal

To keep your eye upon the doughnut

And not upon the hole!"

So keep your eye on the doughnut fellow readers and writers.

Break's over!

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