Friday, 14 August 2009

Angel's Flight

Heads up, cozy mystery lovers! I've discovered Alice Duncan's Mercy Allcutt and want to share the good news with you. ANGEL'S FLIGHT is the second in her series and it sent me hunting the first one. LOL. In fact, I paused a bit (lack of money is holding me up - doesn't it always?) to put a review on Amazon and give it the five stars it deserves. I don't know whether it took or not so just in case I'm posting it here:

"ANGEL'S FLIGHT is an adventure that makes the twenties live again. Mercy Allcutt will have you in her corner rooting for her as she insists on a career in a society that's nearly deaf to all women and working women in particular. Doing what Mercy wants to do whether it's socially acceptable or not gets Mercy into trouble just being herself. She works as a secretary and assistant to Ernie Templeton who is a private investigator, former policeman, and the current love interest in Mercy's life. When Ernie turns down a job involving a suspected phoney seance, Mercy attends the seance instead and is on the scene and questioned by the police when one of the guests is murdered. This infuriates Ernie and Mercy's mother who chooses this unfortunate time to visit from Boston and express her disapproval of her daughter's current life style in LA. Her presence makes Mercy's daily escape to the office both necessary and entertaining for the reader. Alice Duncan has done her homework on her chosen period of time with styles, events, and the death of Rudolph Valentio as an intresting backdrop. Scenes and settings of ANGEL'S FLIGHT are well done and the colorul characters involved in the plots twists and turns will keep you turning pages right up to the cliff-hanger climax. Alice Duncn's Mercy Allcutt series is a must for cozy mystery lovers. "

If anyone has any helpful suggestions about posting reviews or any other useful information about the mystrious workings of Amazon let me know :-)

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