Saturday, 30 October 2010

Back With News!

Here I am again after a long break. I'd tell you what I'm into, onto, and up to, too (maybe) but I might want to sell the movie rights, LOLFOF. The Fickle Finger of Fate sometimes just defies imagination.

The newest thing is I have more things on Kindle and at very good prices both here and on the Amazon UK Kindle.

On the publishing front: Dead on Arrival, HC first of the Maggie and Joe series is available as of January 2010 from Five Star/Gale.

Merrywinds, a romance/adventure novel will be out HC in November also from Five Star, then the large print will be out in December of 2010.

I've just put two new full length novels up on Kindle also:
The Snafued Snatch, second of the Maggie and Joe series.
Thumbnail: "Two young would-be criminals disappointed with the take from robbing convenience stores, decide to try kidnapping. They look in all the Memphis papers, case businesses, and decide to kidnap Hank Hanover's wife, Grace, and ask only a hundred thousand dollars so he will pay and not call the police. They plan the 'snatch' for Halloween night when the Hanover's are having a party and it goes well except for one little hitch. Instead of Grace they get Hank's cousin, Maggie. With Maggie tied up in their van they call Hank at the party. They tell Hank they have his wife and the figure they have in mind is a hundred thousand in small bills. Hank, full of good bourbon and looking at his wife across the room, laughs at them, says the way Grace spends money and credit he can't afford to take her back for a mere hundred grand and hangs up on them. Maggie hears the last of the conversation and is inclined to laugh at the difference between a hundred thousand and her check book balance - but does her husband, Joe even know she is missing? And what will happen when these two morons find out she's not Grace?

There are also new low prices on the Amamazon UK to hopefully make some new friends in the UK.

The gorgeous fall weather is making it impossible to stay in the house any longer! Break's over - please come again,

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