Wednesday, 27 April 2011

$0.99 Ebooks

More good news, not only are the first two Maryvales on Kindle on sale for $0.99 right now, there are also coupons on Smashwords for these two. The Smashwords price will be in effect until June 26, haven't decided yet if I will end Kindle sale then or not. In fact, I'm hoping enough people will visit that I'll be able to tell what the majority of cozy mystery readers want.

Here's my question, I'll see if I get any response:

1. Leave first two cozies at $0.99 and raise price from $2.99 to $3.99 on the rest of the series. (This has been suggested by some other writers as broke as I am and needing ink cartridges-:-)
2. End the Kindle sale the same time as the Smashwords coupons and leave the $2.99 price on all the Maryvale series books at $2.99.

Hope I get some opinions - break's over,

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