Saturday, 7 May 2011


Good news for cozy readers and for other ebook goodies and genres-the month of May is full of bargains from Smashwords and their markets on and Kindle too. These $0.99 prices are good for the month of May.

Also, for those who like to read the first of a series first, scroll down to the blog entry that has all the Maryvale series (so far) by number, title, and a brief logline or thumbnail so you can see if you want to make more visits to Maryvale.And of course, there are more on the way :-)

Happy reading, break's over,

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  1. I've discovered some new favorite writers through Backlist and Smashwords so I was happy to hear about their sale via Facebook. I dropped in for a look around and spied your Maryvale books. I had no choice but to buy the first three in the series and can hardly wait to start reading them. I'm pretty sure I'll be back for the others pretty soon. I love cozies, small Southern towns, and lively, eccentric characters, being a small town, eccentric, Southern old lady myself. I'm looking forward to making the acquaintance of your characters.