Sunday, 9 October 2011

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My latest Maryvale cozy mystery has been up a couple of weeks now and is selling well - thank you for visiting Maryvale again or if you haven't yet - c'mon over LOL.

I'm sure everyone waits and watches to see if a new novel in a series is going to be popular and I'm no exception. (I can hear other writers nodding - it's the rocks in our heads I guess-ha!) Anyway, I'm so glad you've found my new word child and I'm waiting for a review in progress now on this latest of my Maryvale series.

I held my breath worrying about how the new characters and the (more than just a touch of) paranormal would be received. When I posted my last blog in September, I asked if visitors would please leave a comment about the new characters. I loved writing about them and each is such an individual with his own hang-ups and endearments too, so their characters are set but their futures (in the series) are not. So I asked anyone who felt like putting in his/her two cents worth to leave a comment about it. No one commented, but you did buy the book - that really makes me feel good - thank you, and I hope you had a great time visiting Maryvale - but please, if and when you do visit, leave a commlent. One of the very best things about writing is the people you meet, the interesting readers and fellow writers you meet along the way and in digests, groups, other blogs, et cetera.

Thanks from my heart for buying my books and please come back to vist Maryvale and here too.

Break's over,
Jackie :-)

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