Sunday, 15 July 2012

Welcome, UK readers!

Checking on my Kindle sales I've seen some the UK readers are now reading the Maryvale series of cozy mysteries. It was great to see they've bought the first (The Divil in Maryvale) and the second, (The Nelson Scandal) so I'm hoping my new readers are going to read the series and I've posted the order since some of us like to read them in order.

Also, threre are reviews on Amazon on most of them and thumbnails to give you previews. I have a couple of other cozy mystery series too which are also listed, so welcome UK, US and all readers and cozy lovers.

 I love meeting new people so do visit my blog too and leave a comment if you want more information or just to get acquainted. I'm on Facebook too and enjoy my page there.

Hope this is useful and you'll come back and visit soon, break's over,


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